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Austin Energy At-A-Glance

Serving Austin Since 1895

Austin Energy is the nation’s 8th largest publicly owned electric utility. We serve more than 448,000 customer accounts and more than 1 million residents in Greater Austin.

Our operations are funded entirely through energy sales and services, and the utility operates within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas statewide market. Austin Energy further supports the City of Austin and its other departments through an annual transfer into the general fund of more than $100 million.

Budget and Financial

  • Approved FY 2015 Budget — $1.51 Billion
  • Annual Energy Sales (FY 2013) — 12.27 Billion kWh
  • Total Employees (2015) — 1,672.75 FTEs
General Fund Transfer
Fiscal Year Amount
Approved for 2015 $105 Million
2014 $105 Million
2013 $105 Million
2012 $105 Million
2011 $103 Million


The Austin City Council budgets this transfer to the city’s General Fund to help fund vital city services such as police, fire, EMS, parks and libraries.

Power Facts

Energy Accounts, Consumption, and Sales by Customer Class (FY 2013)
Account Types Number of Accounts Consumption (Billions) Sales (Millions)
Residential 383,257 4.16 B kWh $459 M
Commercial 45,761 4.64 B kWh $475 M
Industrial 138 2.73 B kWh $185 M
Other 1,426 729 M kWh $66 M
TOTAL 430,582 12.27 B kWh $1.18 B


Peak Demand Records (Megawatts)
Record Set When Demand
All-Time Summer August 2011 2,714 MW
All-Time Winter February 2011 2,195 MW


Rated Generation Capacity
Project Number of Units Rated
Decker All units 926 MW
Fayette 50% share of 2 units 570 MW
South Texas Project 16% share 400 MW
Sand Hill All units 592 MW
Mueller Energy Center   4.6 MW
Wind   850.9 MW
Biomass   111.8 MW
Solar Utility Scale 30 MW
TOTAL   3,485.3MW


Energy by Fuel Type (FY 2013)
Fuel Type Percentage of Total Energy
Coal 16.4%
Natural Gas 43.7%
Nuclear 11.5%
Renewables 28.5%

Electric System Statistics

Transmission and Distribution System Assets

  • Distribution Lines — 11,429 miles
  • Transmission Lines — 623 miles
  • Distribution Substations — 60
  • Transmission Substations —14
  • Overhead Distribution Transformers — 43,268
  • Pad Mount Distribution Transformers  — 35,623
  • Power Poles — 150,835

Superior Reliability

Austin Energy continues to excel in the system average interruption frequency, systems average interruption duration and average transmission line performance for FY 2014.

Reliability Rating Austin Energy Industry Average
SAIFI 0.57 <0.8
SAIDI 45.25 <60
SATLPI 4.17 <4

Energy Management Programs

Peak Demand Reduction (FY 2013)
Demand Type Amount Reduced
Residential 11.9 MW
Commercial 27.7 MW
Demand Response 17.7 MW


  • Austin Energy Green Building — Austin Energy launched the first Green Building program in the nation; more than 10,000 Austin homes are Green Building rated.
  • Climate Protection — The 2014 update to the Generation, Resource and Climate Protection Plan envisions Austin Energy achieving a 55 percent renewable energy supply by 2025.
  • Energy Efficiency — Through Austin Energy’s energy efficiency achievements, the utility has been able to save 700 MW from 1982–2006. An additional 900 MW energy avoidance goal has been set for 2025, and as of 2013, we have already avoided 376 MW toward that goal.
  • Energy Efficiency Rebates — In FY 2013, more than 35,000 energy efficiency improvement rebates totaling about $11 million were paid to Austin Energy residential and commercial customers.
  • Dark Sky Compliant Streetlights — Austin Energy continues to find ways to become a more efficient utility including automating its 56,000 streetlights and making them Dark Sky compliant. Austin Energy also converted more than 13,000 streetlights to light emitting diode technology. The automation and LED projects are expected to save more than 4.3 million kWh annually.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations — Austin ranks among the top four cities in the nation for electric vehicle public charging stations. In FY 2014, the Plug-In EVerywhere™ Network surpassed its 55,000th session.

Excellent Customer Service

  • Customer Assistance Program — The Customer Assistance Program served more than 40,000 utility customers with monthly bill discounts in FY 2014. The City program, managed by Austin Energy, helps the needy in the community facing temporary and long-term difficulties through bill discounts, weatherization and other measures.
  • Customer Care — More than 1.6 million calls are handled annually by the Utility Customer Service Center. Austin Energy manages billing for all City of Austin utility services, including electric, solid waste, watershed protection and water and wastewater.
  • Austin 3-1-1 — The award-winning Austin 3-1-1 launched a new smartphone app that gives residents an easy avenue to communicate with the City in real time. The app allows users to select a service type, enter a location, attach a photo and submit the information.
  • ISO 9001 certification — Austin Energy is the first utility in the United States to achieve ISO 9001 certification for Power Supply and Energy Market Operations (awarded in 2013), Electric Service Delivery, Laboratory Services and Customer Care. Each group operates using custom Quality Management Systems.

Customer Services
Disability Assistance

TDD: 512-477-3663
Relay Texas: 7-1-1

City of Austin ADA Office

Report Outages
Hi there, can you send us a DM with the name of your solar company so we can look into it? Thank you.
If you see a downed power line, stay safe and stay away. Report to 512-322-9100 ASAP. If you are in danger, call 91…
Fixing an outage is more complicated than just flipping a switch. Our crews are standing by 24/7 to restore power.…


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